GKL-02 Thymic
Peptide Library

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GKL-02 statistic peptide library is a drug substance for usage in the preparation of a drug product, as well as for usage in supplements and cosmetic products.

In this peptide library thirty three amino acid derivates are chemically combined in a statistic manner with each other and lastly physically combined with seventeen naturally occurring amino acids, either as such, as their salts and as their derivates. This results in a unique drug substance that contains di-, tri-, tetrapeptides as well as free amino acids. The composition of this statistic peptide library mimics the calf thymus hydrolyzate.

GKL BIOTEC AGa subsidiary of the company group Klett-Loch

Based on 25 years of continuous and intensive research on active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) in the field of Thymus Peptides, the company GKL-BIOTEC-AG was founded in January 2008. We focus on the development of GKL thymic peptide ingredient complexes for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. In close cooperation with renowned universities we promote the technological transfer of biochemical innovations. The existing results have underlined the success of our approach.

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